Beware of Chinese Scam Websites

You did not order from us, we cannot help you.

We are very sorry to hear people are being scammed by CHINATERA LIMITED. This company is a Chinese company that illegally uses our 4X registered trademark " Everyday Deals ". Unfortunately the Chinese Communist Party is known for not recognizing other countries trademarks or patents. So please beware and directly type-in or to be sure you get to the proper store.

They have similar looking .com's Them everyday e we are located at plus 30 others but they illegally advertise with our trademark / business name which fools customers. They also have been using our Happy Face Guy Banners and a fake email address (we do not have ANY email address ending in If you research them they quite a history of ripping people off beware.

We are NOT associated them at all! 

We have been getting reports of

  • Fake tracking numbers (always)
  • No items sent at all. (mostly)
  • Wrong items (mostly)
  • Order Missing parts (mostly)
  • Half order sent 
  • Waiting 6-8 months just to get the wrong item
  • Even one person getting a dirty "used shoe" instead of her painting.

Anyone effected please contact us and send links, pictures or ads they have up so we may have them removed.

How do I know I ordered from them? Your order number will start with "EDS". Our order numbers start with #72800


Enjoy from us Everyday Deals ® a complementary coupon on us $5 OFF $49.99 CODE T306BA2ZARX1 Expires 12/30/202 1 Limit per customer Enjoy! at

Again, please beware and directly type-in or 


Chad Brown, Owner / CEO

Everyday Deals ® Where the Deals are Every day! ®




Everyday Deals ®

Everyday Deals ® Where the Deals are Every day! ® Happy Face Guy are trademarks of Everyday Deals, LLC ... Owner / CEO Chad Brown Everyday Deals ® is a registered business of Minnesota ...  Since 1998. * Beware of immitators

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