Do Not Shop Illegal Scam Companies in Oregon Washington State Pretending to be Everyday Deals SCAM

Do Not Shop Scam Companies in Oregon and Washington State pretending to be Everyday Deals ®. This company and persons do not have permission to use out trademark or company name. The company is illegally in business and ran by (Jason Morris). They have tried to steal our business and our likeness. Residents near these stores are to boycott and avoid them. Do anything you can to stop, protest, or disrupt the business.

They started the business as Quick way Cash changed there name several times and now attempting to steal our trademarked name.

Beware they are known as


  1. Quick way Cash
  2. Every Day Deals Extreme Wholesale Discount Grocery
  3. Extreme Grocery Discounters
  4. Every Day Deals Grocery
  5. Eventide Management Partners
  • Jason Morris, Steven Harkless are the illegal owners. They continuously break the laws by using our business name in commerce, our likeness, our trademarks, there actions and more.
  1. They are known for having there employees verbally attack and harrass there customers. Chasing them and there children out of the stores in duress. (As seen on YouTube)
  2. Harassing customers trying to leave there parking lot. (As seen on YouTube)
  3. Selling the Confederate Flag(As seen on YouTube)
  4. People protesting there stores. (As seen on YouTube) ( Local TV)
  5. Disgusting Behavior towards people that come inside there store. (As seen on YouTube)
  6. Sells broken, dented, 2nd hand items, expired food, potentially harmful products, and selling items from other stores, they did not want to sell themselves ( like broken dented etc ... products. (As reported from YELP and customer reports and reviews)
  7. Harassment to our companies "Everyday Deals ®" handicapped owner.

    Residents near these stores are to boycott and avoid them. Do anything you can to protest, stop or disrupt the business.

    The real Everyday Deals ® is a Minnesota company.

    Located on multiple store fronts online for over 20 years. Founded in 1998 by owner Chad Brown. 

    Everyday Deals ® is well known and sells all around the world. Quality low cost goods to our consumer. We own and operate over 20 domains with the trademark word Everyday Deals within it. We took the time and effort to trademark our business name and deals. We take care of our customers with the best customer service. We always have the the best prices too.

    Plus this is the only place you can get Everyday Deals ®

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