Everyday Deals ® Bullies & Copy Cats

After all this work protecting his business legally he still came across. People that would try to unlawfully use his business name to try to make money. A Copy Cat that would use our protected Brand Name. Even with threat of legal action they would use it.

Steven and Shelly Harkless of Oregon & Even Tide Partners of Oregon going under "Every Day Deals Extreme Wholesale Grocery" because of there unlawful actions, day to day harassment and stress they cause him. Chad developed stress related seizures or ellipse that permanently changed his life. The only time he has seizures is when they harass him, interact with him harass his social accounts.

Unfortunately in early 2014 Chad was paralyzed while driving to work in a car wreck. When he was in a vehicle incident after having a seizure while driving. Just before driving he was researching and stressing out working on stopping the harassing copy cat. When he had to leave for work on a raining day.

While driving Chad seized and the car hydroplaned and rolled. Chad was trapped in the car and crushed into 3 cubic feet. The fire trucks had to extract him and he was rushed to the hospital. He was in critical condition facing possible death. He had a major brain injury, broken neck in several places. Broken back in several places, a vertebrae bone burst. Two broken clavicles, all broken ribs on the right side a broken right shoulder blade. A collapsed lung and a punctured lung and bleeding on the brain.

He went through a whole day of surgery to his body. It took a 2 weeks just to stabilize out of critical condition. After that he was transferred and went through 2 full years of therapy in a recovery hospital. All while recovering Chad still ran the business selling products, website development, website maintenance, services and more ... all by laptop at his bedside in the hospital.

"Everyday Deals is my heart and soul" Chad stated "This is my only child, I have nursed it and grown it since birth and I will never let it go. Even with the death threats & the continuing actions & harassment from Copy Cat "Stalkers". 

Interesting enough the threats and harassment seem to stop for the time directly after the incident because he was in a recovery hospital with no address and no way to be found.

Now there business was illegally sold to Jason Morris of Oregon. Now Jason Morris with the backing of Even Tide Partners of Oregon. Continue to harass Chad Brown a handicapped business owner. They try day to day to take over the business he created. They have effected his  life & health in every negative way and are liable for that.

In short " I am an adult with bullies" "The stress & pain I suffer every day is because of them. I am locked in this wheelchair because of them and the actions against me. The only time I have seizures is when they harass me or interact with me" or harass by creation.

Since the beginning of all this Chad Brown has grown the trademarked business Everyday Deals ®. To own over 30 U.S. & International domain address locations becoming a well known worldwide destination for thousands of low cost products, services and daily deals from multiple vendors all around the world.

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