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Address: Everyday Deals offices located at 8400 Normandale Lake Blvd, Suite 920, Bloomington, Minnesota ... 55437

* Due to Covid-19 / CCP Virus *

Our call center is temporary closed for taking calls. However you can contact us via messaging.

Please see contact information below

Working hours of the online store consultants: (Via Messaging ONLY)

10 am — 10 pm Central Time Monday - Fri

 * NOTE: Notice due to increasing problem

We are not in business to handle calls, orders or customers from other companies. Be sure you ordered from us before contacting. If it doesn't pertain to us we cannot help you. 1st Check your order number, our order #'s start with #728000.

How to Reach Us:

Have your order number ready

*** Everyday Deals ® order / confirmation numbers all start with a #72800

If it does not start with #72800 then you have the wrong company

  • Log into your account

  • Go to my account

  • Click communication

  • Send a Message

Ways to contact us

    1.) Reply to your order confirmation

    2.) Contact us below by message.

    3.) Facebook Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/everyday.deals/

    * Make sure you have your order number included that starts with #72800


    Business to Business only

    https://wwww. linkedin.com/in/everydaydeals

    Business to business phone call. If you would like a phone call then email us or call 612-601-0060 and LVM ( This is not a customer service line ) Make sure you include your order number if purchased in bulk. Also include the reason you need a call back. A representative will call you back shortly when available. Due to Covid-19 calls are limited to short business to business only calls.

    Thank You, Staff ...

     Everyday Deals ® A Trademarked Minnesota Company 

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